13x excavator

When buying a mini excavator, you can choose according to the model according to the following steps:

Understand the needs: First determine your specific needs for micro excavators, such as digging depth, digging scope, working environment, etc. Knowing the requirements can help you choose the right model.

Research the market: Research the brands and models of mini excavators available in the market. Understand the differences between different brands and models, including technical parameters, quality, price, after-sales service, etc.

Contact a dealer: Contact a local mini excavator dealer or supplier to find out about the different models of excavators they offer. Ask for information about their technical features, capabilities, and prices.

Compare models: Compare technical parameters, performance and prices between different models according to your needs and budget. Special attention is paid to the differences in digging depth, digging force, fuel consumption, ease of operation, etc.

Consider the brand and after-sales service: Understand the reputation and after-sales service quality of the excavator brand. Choose well-known brands and ensure that suppliers provide comprehensive after-sales service and repair support.

Consider price and budget: Choose the right model based on your budget and financial situation. Be careful not only to look at the price, but also to consider factors such as performance, quality and after-sales service.